Derby City Pedicabs

Around Town Pedicab Rides
Whenever you see a bright red Derby City Pedicab flag it down and take a ride.  All of our Operators pedal for TIPS!  You will see Derby City Pedicabs Downtown, around the Waterfront and Slugger Field, and up and down Bardstown Road in the Highlands.  When you do, flag us down and take a ride the price you pay is up to you. 

See a Pedicab and Flag it down.  We Pedal for Tips!

Special Occasions
Setting up a special occasion? Have Derby City Pedicabs get you around town. 

  • Taking that VIP client out to dinner after you close that monster deal?  Why not ride a Pedicab and enjoy the evening.   
  • Have a special night planned bar hopping for that buddy that's about to get married?  Why not be safe and travel in style!
  • Want to enjoy a romantic evening on the waterfront and ask that special lady to spend the rest of her life with you?  Cruise the waterfront in a Pedicab after the big question and she'll never forget the evening.

Give Derby City Pedicabs a call and schedule a Pedicab for your special occasion.

Special Events
Make any event special when you use Derby City Pedicabs to help celebrate your day. 

  • Weddings - What would make that special day more memorable than enjoying a Pedicab ride.
  • Birthday Parties - It doesn't matter if your child is turning 7 or if you're hitting that big 5 - 0.  Having a Pedicab at the party is a great way to celebrate the day.  Enjoy a ride yourself then let all your guest take a spin in a Pedicab.
  • Scavenger Hunts - What a great way to build team moral then a scavenger hunt.  We'll do all the work pedaling and putting the event together all you have to do is figure out the clues before the other team.



  Adding a Pedicab to your event will insure it's an event everybody remembers.

Charter Rides
If your organization or company is planning an event and want to have a pedicab hanging around to give rides.  Schedule a block of time 3 to 4 hours and we'll show up so anybody can enjoy a ride.

 Call for availability

Derby City Pedicabs
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