Derby City Pedicabs

Promote your buisness with Derby City Pedicabs

Monthly Advertising

Pedicab Advertising is a great way to market your business or event.  No matter your budget Derby City Pedicabs has an Advertising plan that will work for you.  The back, sides and kickplate are all great spots to advertise  your company name and logo all month long. 

Using your logo and our Pedicabs your name will be seen all over town and be noticed by everyone.

Month to month advertising using Vinyl Stickers giving a permanent and more polished look

Give us a call to hear about all the different advertising options available.

Gorilla Marketing
Use Derby City Pedicabs to help promote your business Gorilla Style.  Take the opportunity to focus your marketing efforts in a concentrated area for a specific time.

Derby City Pedicabs will load up the back and side space with your logo and information, then pedal around a certain area offering rides and hading out fliers complements of your business. 

They ride, you pay.

What a better way to get your name out and people to remember your business.  We might even drop off a few customers at your door.

To find out more about advertising rates